What is is a technical platform, on which users and Performers meet through live chat sessions. Over more than 100,000 registered Performers are using this platform to sell their services.

How can I have video session with a Performer?

Browse the Online Performers page, by default you will see all available online Performers, with the help of filters (ie: Categories, Language, Chat Type, Search etc) you can sort out Performers depending on your preferences. Once you click on a Performers you are immediately in contact. You can watch and hear the Performers (if their sound is on), you can talk with them via instant text messages and Performers can answer back in the same way or by voice (if sound is enabled on Performers side).

What services are free?

  • Free video sessions - In this part of the website you can chat with Performers in text mode, hear and view them for free. As a Guest, your Free Chat session will be interrupted after 1 min. To get rid of this limitation we recommend you to create an account.
  • Free registration - Creating an account is completely free, as soon as you are registered you can Chat for Free without interruptions. Click here to join.
  • Free Performers pictures - Every Performer has a personal images gallery that can be viewed for free by accessing their "Complete Profile." Every Performer decides solely which and how many photos they post on their gallery.
  • Free Performers videos - Every Performer has the option to promote themselves by recording free videos that will appear in their Profile page. These videos can be watched for free. If no video appears on a profile it means that the Performer has not added any videos.
  • Free messages - you can send/receive free text messages to/from any Performer.
  • Free emoticons - You can send emoticons chat anytime.
  • Give “Loves” to Performers and put a “love” on their videos and photos.
  • Add your favorite Performers to your Favorites.

What are the paid services?

Performers sell their services in their private zone. All services sold by performers can be paid for with credits from your e-wallet. It is a secure and anonymous payment method. There are no additional costs for adding credits to the e-wallet.
List of paid services:
* Bonus
* Virtual gifts: a jewel, a rose and many more
* Request an action from the model. Ex. A striptease
* Interactive sex toy - short or long vibration
* Toy Controller in Private Xclusive Show
* Become a VIP member
* Sneakpeek - take a look at the show

N.B .: If the model does not offer some of these paid services, it is because the model has chosen not to activate them. We suggest you talk to him about it.

I already have an account on, what do I do now?

If you have an account, you can add credits to make the most of all the advantages of Click here to access all the means of payment available in your country.

What is the E-Wallet? How do I add credits to my E-Wallet?

It is a simple, anonymous and completely secure way to pay for model services. At any time, you can see the credits available in your E-Wallet.

Step by Step instructions:

  1. log-in to your account,
  2. Click on Add credits button,
  3. Choose your desired payment method (credit card, phone, SMS, etc.):
  4. For credit card billing, select desired credits package and press the Credit Card Payment button. On the next page add your credit card details, click the Submit button and you're done (if transaction is successful).
  5. For Phone or SMS billing, check the details provided on the "Upload Credits" page - "Phone / SMS" section. Note: If you do not see a Phone / SMS billing option, it means that this payment method isn't available for your country.

The same procedure applies to the case of adding extra credits to your balance.

What does"Best value"mean on the"Add Credits"page?

On the Add Credits page, there are payment methods marked with the text “Best value”. This means that you can get VIP videos of the models you want for free by choosing these payment methods.

How is my privacy secured?

Your personal data is always protected and we highly respect your privacy.
See also our Privacy Policy.

Are there any recurring fees?

No, there are no recurring charges.

Which type of credit card can I use to pay on the site?

You can use any credit or debit card that has a CVV/CVC code.

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes, uses a totally secure connection. Your personal and credit card data is encrypted, guaranteeing complete security.

Why is the date I made a purchase with my credit card on not the same as on my bank statement?

Transaction dates can differ slightly depending on your bank.

I can no longer use my credits and I’m being asked for my ID. Why?

If there is suspicion of fraud or unauthorised transactions, will carry out an identity check.
This is mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions of Use that you signed when you created your account (art. 10).

What if I need technical support or information for adding credits to my E-Wallet?

You can reach our billing department HERE. You will be redirected to the technical support team, use this Contact only for billing related questions. Additionally a detailed credits E-Wallet FAQ is provided on that page.

In case of other problems or difficulties, fill out our Contact Form. Please be as detailed as possible in your problem description.

For Epoch billing Support page at Epoch.

How do I register?

Creating an account is free and takes a few seconds.
Just click on Sign up at the top menu, fill in the Registration Form and then click the Validate your registration button. Now your free account is ready to go. We do not require email confirmation for your free account. However, our system will automatically send you an email -- the email will contain your account user name and password.
Keep your log in details in a safe place.

I have not yet received the email confirming my account creation. What to do ?

If you have not received the confirmation email, log into your account, select "My Account - Personal Information" and then click on "Click here to receive the confirmation email".

Can I create multiple accounts?

Yes, as long as you don't use these accounts for inappropriate purposes, there is no problem with it.

I lost my password, what should I do?

You may use our Lost Password form to reset your password. You'll need to provide your user name and email. We will send you a new password via email.
In case you do not receive our email; first make sure you've also checked the Spam folder, if the email is nowhere to be found, add our email address to your Contacts list (Safe list) and use "Lost Password" feature again.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the “Your Account” section.

I don't remember my user name, what to do?

You can create a new account, anyhow if you want to recover the one you don't remember about, please Contact Us.

Can I change my username?

Your username cannot be changed, but you may create another account with the new username that you want, using the same email address.

How do I change my email address?

To keep your account safe, this can only be done by our support team. Please Contact Us.

How can I check my credits balance?

Once logged in, your credits are displayed in the menu bar on the top right of the screen.
You can also see your credits balance by navigating to the “Your Account” page or after having clicked on Enter a Private Show from a free video Chat room with a Performer.

How do I view my latest expenses?

Your latest spending is displayed in the “Your Account” section.

How do I view my latest transactions?

Your latest transactions are displayed in the “Your Account” section.

I just made a bank wire. Why are the credits not showing in my account?

Bank wires take around 2-3 business days. After making the bank wire, do not forget to send us an e-mail at with the reference of your wire to notify us.

How to manage the reception of notifications?

By default, by creating an account on, you also subscribe to the site notifications. If you want to unsubscribe, you can manage notifications from your Account.

How do I close my account?

Go to "Your Account" and click on the link Close my account at the bottom of the page.

I disactivated my account. Can it be reactivated?

If you want to reactivate your old account, Contact Us, you will receive a reply quickly.

I want to close my account. Can I transfer the credits to another account?

No, credits cannot be transferred to another account. If you close your account and you still have credits left, they will be lost.

Are the online Performers really live?

Definitely, Yes ! All online Performers are broadcasting live.

Can I exchange personal information with Performers?

We do not recommend to exchange any kind of personal information with Performers such as, but not limited to: addresses, emails, phone numbers, instant messenger IDs and/or any other kinds of information. If you do so you are personally responsible if any of your information’s are misused.

How can I find more information about a Performer?

While with a Performer in the free video session, click on the Performer's name. You will find information about the Performer age, body measurements, price per minute, personal description and other valuable information.
You can also access the pics and videos (if available), the schedule (if completed) and you may view comments left by other users after a Private Session with that Performer.

How do I send messages to a Performer?

When you’re in a free video chat room with a Performer, click on the Performer's name then on the Messages link, and you will be able to write your message for the Performer.

How do I read a message I receive from a Performer?

From the account menu, click on the Messaging button. From this page you have access to your Inbox messages and you can also check your Sent messages.

How do I know if a Performer has read my message?

A green tick is displayed to the right of your message when the Performer has read it.

How can I delete messages from models in internal messaging?

You must click on the cross next to the message you want to delete.

How do I add Performers to "My Favorites"?

Add to My Favorites links are available on the following pages:

  • Online Performers' free video Chat Session,
  • Online and All Performers - Profile page,
  • Private Session page.

I want to be alerted when one of my favorite performers connects, is it possible?

Yes, you can be alerted as soon as a performer you have selected in your favorites list connects.
Just go to your account, Notifications section.
Then you need to subscribe to notifications and choose how often you want to receive them.

Can I find out the times that a Performer is online?

Performers are responsible for the times they are online and have no fixed schedule.
However, if you want to know the times at which a Performer is usually online, you can go to their Profile page and look at their show schedule.

How do I rate Performers?

You can rate a Performer with 1 to 5 stars after you Exit from a Private Session. A notification window will ask you if wish to rate that Performers. There is no obligation of giving a rate.

How do I add my comments to a Performer profile?

Same as the rating option. Comments are available after you're leaving a Private Session. In the notification window, below the rating stars you'll see a comment form where you can write your impressions.

Can models stream to other platforms while on

Yes, there are models that are streaming on multiple platforms at the same time. The rules of this site do not preclude this. If this bothers you, in free chat, you can ask to the model to log out of other platforms during your private show.

The performer didn’t do what I asked of them during a private show, what can I do? is not responsible for what a performer does or does not do during a private show. It is up to you to agree directly with the performer. You can also rate the private show to help assess the Performer.

How can I see my favorite model's place in the Daily Top 5 contest?

The information is displayed in the model's chat room, only for the first 50 models of the contest.

What is a Private Session?

If you decide to buy a service from a Performer you need to enter in the Private session of the Performer. Before entering you can see the Performers price per minute it is published next to the enter button of the Private session.
Beware that every Performer is free to set up their own price and is free to decide to sell you a service or not.
If you don't have credits on you E-wallet when you click on the button enter Private session you will automatically be redirected to the page adding credits to your E-wallet.

How do I leave a Private Session?

You may exit from a Performers Private Session by pressing the Leave button or by simply navigating to a different area of the site.
Please notice that the payment system has a rounded up pay per minute. For example: if you spend 1 second in a Private Session the Performer will charge you for 1 full minute. Spending 1 minute and few seconds = the cost of 2 minutes and so on.
After leaving a Private Session you have the possibility to rate the Performers services with 1 to 5 stars as well as write a comment which will appear on that Performers Complete Profile.

What is the price per minute of a Private Session?

The price of a private session depends the Performer. The Performer sets up her own price.
You are informed of this price before entering a private session. A Performers price per minute is also visible in their Complete Profile page. All private sessions are charged by the full minute.

What is the difference between a Private Show and a 100% Xclusive Show?

When you click Enter Private Show, you have the choice between Enter Private Show or Enter 100% Xclusive Show (only for Performers who enable this feature).
During a Private Show, other users can join you.
During a 100% Xclusive Show, you will be alone with the performer and you will have their full attention.

Can I add credits to my E-Wallet without interrupting my Private session?

Yes, it is possible to add more credits to your balance while being in a Private Session. Just press the "add credits E-Wallet" button located on bottom-left side of the page. All add credits options for E-Wallet will appear in a small pop-up window. See "How do I add credits to my E-Wallet?"

How can I talk with a Performer via microphone?

You can send/enable your audio only in one Private Session. Several users can join a Performer Private Session at the same time. However, only the first connected user will be able to send audio. It is possible to enable/disable your audio at any time, by default this feature is always disabled.
You have to use either Android products with chrome as browser, either Apple products, updated to iOS12.

How can I share my webcam with a Performer (Cam2Cam)?

Cam2Cam feature is available in Private Session only for first connected user. Several users can join a Performer Private Session at the same time. However, only the first connected user will be able to share his webcam.
It is possible to enable/disable your webcam at any time; by default this feature is always disabled.
You have to use either Android products with chrome as browser, either Apple products, updated to iOS12.

I plugged my microphone in however the Performer can't hear me, what can I do?

  • On Android products, you have to use Chrome as your browser
  • On Apple products, update your device to iOS12

My webcam works but the Performer can't see me, what can I do?

  • On Android products, you have to use Chrome as your browser
  • On Apple products, update your device to iOS12

Testing audio and webcam

If you would like to test your camera and audio, use this tester

Troubleshooting and Technical information

In case of other problems or difficulties, fill out our Contact Form. Please be as detailed as possible in your problem description.

How do I choose which camera will be active during a Private Show?

You can choose to use the front camera or the rear camera of your smartphone before entering Private Show in: “My account” > “Settings” > “Streaming settings” > “Webcam to be used”.

Recommended internet browsers

For Windows and Android, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome. For Mac and iOS, we recommend Safari.

The display is not normal for some parts of the site. Why?

Please test the site on a different browser than the one you normally use. We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome for Windows and Android. For Mac and iOS, use Safari.
Note: Remember to clear your browser's cache and cookies before testing.

How to become a VIP Member of a Performer’s show?

If the Performer has VIP content, you can subscribe on their Profile page, notably in the Photos & Videos tabs. Performers define the price of this themselves; the amount of the subscription will be deducted from your Electronic Wallet each month.
Important note: If you do not see any mention of “VIP” on a Performer’s Profile page, this means that this service does not exist for this Performer.

How do I cancel my VIP subscriptions?

You can easily cancel your VIP subscriptions; just log-in to your account, go to “VIP subscriptions” page and use Stop re bill option - which is available for each of your subscriptions.

What is "Loves" feature? Where can I find the "Loves" filter?

Each visitor can virtually Love any online Performer by giving a "Love" from the Free Chat session (you will notice a Loves button in the shape of a heart).
On the "All Models" page, you can filter by "Loves" in the menu (Sort by option).
The more "Loves" a Performer has during last hour interval, the better her position will be on the Online list.

Can I give "Loves" to multiple Performers at once?

Yes you can give your virtual Loves to as many different online Performers as you wish, but only once per 24 hours to the same Performer.

When it's recommended to give my "Loves"?

Well that's something to feel, not something to be informed about.

What is the bonus?

A bonus is a small amount of money that any user with credits in his account can offer in Free Chat session to any of the Performers. One bonus value can vary from 0.1 to 50 Euros.

Does the Performer have to do anything special to receive a bonus?

What is offered for that bonus is at the Performers own discretion. You should agree directly together.

In what situations is recommended to send a bonus to a Performer?

It's entirely up to you, for example you can offer some bonus if you like to attract some Performers attention if free Session, or for an outstanding performance in a private session.

Can I make special requests to Performers in exchange for bonus?

Yes you can, but on your own risk, these requests have to be discussed with the Performers upfront in the free session. So if you expect something for the bonus, talk first about it with the Performers, if they accept your proposal you are good to go. It is a negotiation between you and the Performers.

Definition Actions Panel

Actions are a group of interactive items that a user can send to a Performer in both Free Chat and Private Chat mode, if activated by Performers.

Actions are divided in 3 categories:

  • VIRTUAL GIFT: user can send virtual gift (rose, teddy bear, diamond etc)
  • LIVE ACTION: user requests a live action (request a kiss, a live dance etc)
  • INTERACTIVE TOY: user can send interactive toy action (allow user to send vibration to Performer's smart sex toy)

By default the Actions are disabled, in order for a Performer to take benefit of these features, each category has to be enabled.
For each category a Performer can pick a maximum 5 items/actions, that once enabled it will become visible on customers side, in live chat page.

As soon as a user selects an action or makes a request, all participants in the Chat will be notified by a notification in the Chat window which will be accompanied by a small live video animation and a specific sound.

Image of Actions Panel
Image of Actions Panel Icons

Pricing Actions Panel

Each item/action can have a different price. The Performer sets the price independently.
The price will be deducted from your E-Wallet with each gift sent to the Performer or as soon as you request a specific action.

Interactive Sex Toys

This category was designed for the smart sex toy, like sound vibrators (ex. OhMiBod).
Currently there are only 2 actions available:

  • Short Vibration: the user will generate a specific sound that will make the smart sex toy vibrate for a short time,
  • Long Vibration: that will make the Performer's toy vibrate for a longer time.

No software is required to use the interactive sex toy.

How do I connect to enjoy the VR option?

In order to access the VR content of the platform you need to connect with a VR headset.

Can I use any model of VR headset?

You can connect with a headset that uses WebXR technology (Oculus Quest 2 , Pico 4, Oculus Quest Pro and others)
Almost all headsets that have a browser installed/available use this type of technology.

Do I need a good internet connection?

To enjoy a full and good quality experience, a stable WiFi connection is recommended.
(8 Mbps download speed or higher)

How do I connect to the platform?

Open in your VR headset's web browser.
As with the classic version, connect to your user account to enjoy private shows or send bonuses.
In the menu on the left side, select the "Enter VR eXperience" option, then the yellow "Enter in VR" button.

How do I access models in VR mode?

At the bottom right of the page is located a VR logo button, press it and the models with VR streaming option will be displayed.

Can I also access the models in standard streaming version, with the VR headset?

Of course, you have available all the content and on the bottom left you even have the option to choose your favorite model category (ladies, mature, male, etc).

Do I have all the options available in a show, just like in the standard option?

Yes, you can enjoy all the options available in standard shows (enter in private show, bonuses, vibrations, gifts, request actions, add to favorites, give loves, etc...).

Is the cam2cam option available for the VR mode?

The camera is not available, only the microphone could be used in the cam2cam option.

Are you concerned that your children may have access to adult content?

To protect children from adult content, you can use these tools:

  • Apple account
  1. Use the Family Sharing page.
  2. To access this: Settings on iOS or System Preferences on macOS.
  3. With Family Sharing, you will be able to see what each of your children is doing. Go to Content & Privacy to set restrictions on access to adult content.
  • Google account
  1. Use Google Families from a Google page.
  2. Download the Google Family Link app for Android and iOS devices: you'll be able to manage how your children use their devices, and if need be put limitations on usage.
  • Microsoft account
  1. Use the Microsoft Family Safety site to create an account.
  2. To configure web browsing limits: Microsoft Edge browser > Settings > Parental Control: features (such as activity reports, content filter...).
  3. To use multiple Microsoft accounts on a shared computer or on a Windows account: Windows settings > Accounts > Family and other users.

How can I contact your support for non-technical questions?

For E-Wallet related information please access this page: Billing Support.
For any other questions or suggestions please fill out this Contact Form.

Company info:

Shoshoro N.V., a Curaçao Corporation, does hereby voluntarily state that all performers appearing on this web site and issuing their respective sexually explicit images, were at least 18 (eighteen) years-of-age with governmental picture identity records on file in compliance with the spirit of 18 U.S.C. §2257.

Documentation as aforesaid is retained and only disclosed in conformance with Curaçao and EU Privacy Statutes.

Please direct any inquiries to:
Custodian of Records
General Platform services: Shoshoro N.V. Perseusweg 40 Willemstad Curacao Netherlands-Antilles kvk 122760

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These VIP token allow you to watch VIP content (videos or photos) of the model of your choice. Log on to a model's profile page to see her/his media content or discover new VIP contents in the "photos" or "videos" sections.

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How to get more VIP token ?

Upon registration, as soon as you validate your e-mail address, we will offer you a VIP video.

You can also get free VIP videos when you choose "BEST VALUE" payment methods.